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5 Print projects to increase foot traffic in your store

If you have a storefront your main goal should be increasing foot traffic in your store, and one of the best ways to do that is through appealing signage and print collateral that will entice people to stop in.

Here are some effective and often overlooked print projects that can increase visitors in your store:

Take to the skies

Many times businesses fly balloons outside their stores to attract customers. Why? Because they’re inexpensive eye-catching.

You can use a printer to take this tactic to the next level. Customize the balloons with your company logo, or print information about an in-store promotion that you’re putting on. Simply having printed balloons could be enough to make people come a little closer, just to see what’s going on.

Wave them in

Branded flags and banners are another great attention grabber. They are especially useful if your store is located in a crowded strip mall.

Flags are not the most effective for foot traffic because most of the time people fail to look up while they’re shopping, which is why banners are a recommended method for guiding shoppers to your store.

Roll out the welcome mat

Most businesses don’t realize how much advertising space they’re standing on. Consdier adding stickered vinyl arrows or footprints on the sidewalk to direct them to your storefront. Tactics like this not only create a path for your shoppers, but it turns a visit to your store into an experience.

You may even want to place adhesive vinyl in your parking lot to convey a marketing message.

Window display

You can try the techniques from above, but if your windows are bare then it might undo all your hard work.

Full color posters or stickers should adorn your storefront windows. Don’t put images of your products on them when your customers can see those inside. Instead use this space to tell a story about your products. Show patrons how your products will benefit their lives.

Don’t forget the parking lot

The parking lot outside your storefront has some serious potential that you may not realize. Posting signs on the light posts or on the side of your building can be helpful in reminding patrons why they should come again.

Print these signs in full color, and don’t make them a sales pitch. Simple messages work best, like “Are you ready for Fall?” accompanied by your logo. This will stick with your customers, and they’ll know where to go for their fall supplies.


Divvy does fulfillment

Divvy does fulfillmentFulfillment is all the legwork that goes into selling a product: storing the products, processing the orders, and packaging and shipping everything out to the customer. Here at Divvy, we handle all your internal materials needs. When your business locations need uniforms, signage, promotional materials or even business cards, we take care of it for you. If you printed or produced materials on your own but you need storage space, shipping materials, extra employees and a whole lot more time, we can help out. We save you time and money with our streamlined process, so you can focus on your bottom line.

We will work to create solutions specifically for you and your business locations. All you have to do is:

? Select the products you want to offer your locations (uniforms, signage, promotional materials, etc)
? Add them to your Divvy webstore
? Allow your locations to order them as needed
? Sit back and relax while we ship materials to your site users

So what are the benefits?

Faster shipping

When users order through the Divvy webstore, we can get materials out the door within hours. We have the tools, materials and muscle to package and deliver your items quickly and efficiently.

Better packaging

Because of our access to industry-leading materials and tools, the packaging we provide will look good, survive the journey and often weigh less than home-packed items.

Less overhead

With our 45,000- square foot facility, team of fulfillment employees and large client base, we’ve got everything already in place to provide the services you need. Taking it on by yourself adds extra costs that you shouldn’t have to worry about.

Saves you time

Since Divvy handles all the storage and shipping of your items, you’ll never have to take time out of your day to worry about shipping logistics.

Take a look at our facilities to see how we’re able to do this:

We are confident that we can help you grow your business by streamlining your ordering and delivery process. Contact us today to set up your Divvy webstore and start the fulfillment process.