Marketing a Franchise in Your Local Market

One of the benefits of buying a franchise is the inheritance of a strong, established brand with marketing support from an experienced corporate office. But even with the support from a franchise brand, marketing efforts that prove successful in one region or location may not work in another—which means customization and localization are extremely important.

At Divvy, we regularly consult with franchisors about providing franchisees with strongly branded marketing materials and tools, while also allowing for local customization. In many ways, corporate can and should provide a tool box, and maybe even a framework for a franchisees’ marketing, but the franchisee will find better success when they follow these marketing guidelines to help shape their own local franchise marketing:

1. Know your local market

Knowing your local market will allow you to communicate your message to them better. Say your franchise sells frozen yogurt and you’re located in a college town. You’re likely to find success through social media and mobile advertising.

If you’re running that same franchise in an old historic neighborhood with an older demographic, for example, you’ll want to test the effectiveness of print and other more traditional marketing efforts.

2. Build relationships with other local businesses and franchises

This may seem like an odd piece of advice, but other business owners have been in your shoes, trying to market and build their business within the same local area. Connecting with them on a personal basis can only bring you more valuable insight into your local market.

Your competitors may not be too keen on divulging demographic information, but other franchises or businesses in your area might be willing to shed some light on the marketing hurdles you face. Of course, knocking on doors to get a hold of the franchise owner may not work, but tapping into groups through LinkedIn or the Franchise Business Network [link to FBN Utah site] can help you reach the right people.

3. Track your efforts

You cannot measure the success of your efforts, or improve your marketing, if you don’t meticulously track your marketing efforts.

Something as simple as recording the time of day you post social content can shed light on the reach and effectiveness of your posts. If you’re making calls, record the time of day, amount of time spent on the phone, etc.

Once you’ve collected a significant amount of data, sit down with your team to discuss the information and look for behavioral trends or indicators that can help you adjust your messaging and delivery tactics.

If you could use help delivering customizable marketing collateral and tools to your franchises or business locations, please contact us. We can help.



3 Reasons your Franchise Needs More than Digital Marketing

Technology has drastically improved the way we run our businesses, allowing us to utilize digital marketing techniques, social media and other quick and innovative tools to help drive sales. But despite its success, digital marketing can’t replace important, time-tested processes of marketing. Too often people think paperless approaches will simplify and streamline their work, but we’ve found that paper and traditional marketing techniques still provide unmatched value. Here’s why:

1. Traditional marketing forces your team to dig deep

If you’re doing digital marketing the right way, you’re collecting and analyzing data, you’re planning in advance, and you’re executing according to a well devised plan. But, all too often we see companies and clients applying digital marketing techniques without any of the work required to ensure success. You can’t expect to begin posting on social media and automatically see sales rise. It doesn’t work that way for most. You can’t expect to outsource SEO and see your search rankings improve drastically. Encourage your team to work on paper, to brainstorm approaches and tactics that aren’t easily implemented. This doesn’t mean abandoning all digital approaches, but rather, take the traditional route to improve and expand your marketing process.

2. Paper is still the best tool for some jobs

Think about this–paper can’t break, run out of batteries, experience security breaches or have to be updated or upgraded. Whether we’re talking about marketing strategy reports or direct mail campaigns, don’t write paper off before you’ve weighed the value it can provide to your marketing.

3. Your target audience may not be invested in digital media

We recently worked with a client who wanted to launch a large-scale social media and digital marketing campaign. As we discussed the project in-depth, data showed us that their target market consists of women in and older age demographic, many of which aren’t active social media or Internet users. Immediately we knew that a digital marketing campaign wouldn’t render the results this client was looking for. This client needed a combination of digital and print marketing tactics to reach their goals. Be sure to gather data about your target market’s digital media usage and everyday behaviors. You may find that printed marketing pieces like mailers or magazine ads are still the most impactful way to reach your desired audience.

Divvy specializes in print and digital marketing support. For more information about our print automation services, or social media content management, please contact us. We’d love to help you create the right approach for your business.