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5 Print projects to increase foot traffic in your store

If you have a storefront your main goal should be increasing foot traffic in your store, and one of the best ways to do that is through appealing signage and print collateral that will entice people to stop in.

Here are some effective and often overlooked print projects that can increase visitors in your store:

Take to the skies

Many times businesses fly balloons outside their stores to attract customers. Why? Because they’re inexpensive eye-catching.

You can use a printer to take this tactic to the next level. Customize the balloons with your company logo, or print information about an in-store promotion that you’re putting on. Simply having printed balloons could be enough to make people come a little closer, just to see what’s going on.

Wave them in

Branded flags and banners are another great attention grabber. They are especially useful if your store is located in a crowded strip mall.

Flags are not the most effective for foot traffic because most of the time people fail to look up while they’re shopping, which is why banners are a recommended method for guiding shoppers to your store.

Roll out the welcome mat

Most businesses don’t realize how much advertising space they’re standing on. Consdier adding stickered vinyl arrows or footprints on the sidewalk to direct them to your storefront. Tactics like this not only create a path for your shoppers, but it turns a visit to your store into an experience.

You may even want to place adhesive vinyl in your parking lot to convey a marketing message.

Window display

You can try the techniques from above, but if your windows are bare then it might undo all your hard work.

Full color posters or stickers should adorn your storefront windows. Don’t put images of your products on them when your customers can see those inside. Instead use this space to tell a story about your products. Show patrons how your products will benefit their lives.

Don’t forget the parking lot

The parking lot outside your storefront has some serious potential that you may not realize. Posting signs on the light posts or on the side of your building can be helpful in reminding patrons why they should come again.

Print these signs in full color, and don’t make them a sales pitch. Simple messages work best, like “Are you ready for Fall?” accompanied by your logo. This will stick with your customers, and they’ll know where to go for their fall supplies.


3 Reasons your Franchise Needs More than Digital Marketing

Technology has drastically improved the way we run our businesses, allowing us to utilize digital marketing techniques, social media and other quick and innovative tools to help drive sales. But despite its success, digital marketing can’t replace important, time-tested processes of marketing. Too often people think paperless approaches will simplify and streamline their work, but we’ve found that paper and traditional marketing techniques still provide unmatched value. Here’s why:

1. Traditional marketing forces your team to dig deep

If you’re doing digital marketing the right way, you’re collecting and analyzing data, you’re planning in advance, and you’re executing according to a well devised plan. But, all too often we see companies and clients applying digital marketing techniques without any of the work required to ensure success. You can’t expect to begin posting on social media and automatically see sales rise. It doesn’t work that way for most. You can’t expect to outsource SEO and see your search rankings improve drastically. Encourage your team to work on paper, to brainstorm approaches and tactics that aren’t easily implemented. This doesn’t mean abandoning all digital approaches, but rather, take the traditional route to improve and expand your marketing process.

2. Paper is still the best tool for some jobs

Think about this–paper can’t break, run out of batteries, experience security breaches or have to be updated or upgraded. Whether we’re talking about marketing strategy reports or direct mail campaigns, don’t write paper off before you’ve weighed the value it can provide to your marketing.

3. Your target audience may not be invested in digital media

We recently worked with a client who wanted to launch a large-scale social media and digital marketing campaign. As we discussed the project in-depth, data showed us that their target market consists of women in and older age demographic, many of which aren’t active social media or Internet users. Immediately we knew that a digital marketing campaign wouldn’t render the results this client was looking for. This client needed a combination of digital and print marketing tactics to reach their goals. Be sure to gather data about your target market’s digital media usage and everyday behaviors. You may find that printed marketing pieces like mailers or magazine ads are still the most impactful way to reach your desired audience.

Divvy specializes in print and digital marketing support. For more information about our print automation services, or social media content management, please contact us. We’d love to help you create the right approach for your business.


Why your franchise needs a marketing plan

You may receive marketing support from the corporate franchise marketing team, but having your own marketing plan for your franchise location is a key factor in your success.

Most successful businesses have a clear idea of customer demographics, products, services and pricing. As a franchisee, much of this knowledge may drive your everyday business interactions and tasks. But do you have key information mapped out and written down to help you and your team stay on track? That’s where a marketing plan can help.

An effective marketing plan includes background information on your business and your customers. In fact, market research should drive your entire plan, providing you with relevant data that will help you solve marketing problems and grow your business in ways that you hadn’t seen or anticipated.

There are a number of ways to conduct market research, whether it’s online surveys, focus groups, or online analytics. Consider which options will provide the most insight to help you drive your franchise marketing.

Once you have gathered the necessary information about your target audience you should meet with you team to organize and strategize. There are countless marketing plan templates online to help you organize your thoughts on paper.

Just be sure that your franchise marketing plan reflects the big picture, charts success, tracks costs, measures value, and becomes a living document that you can build on.

If you need help with your marketing plan, or could use any marketing support, please let us know. We’d be happy to help.

5 Tips to Market your Fitness Franchise

We’ve seen an increase in worldwide concern about healthy living and obesity, which means it’s a great time to consider opening a fitness franchise. Sure, fitness trends and fads may come and go, but the gym and fitness industry has experienced significant growth in the past few years.

So, why open a franchise instead of your own business? With a franchise, the corporate offices assist you in setting up the entire infrastructure of your business, and you gain the already existent brand strength and awareness.

However, franchising a fitness business doesn’t mean you won’t have to market your own location. For this reason, we’ve compiled a list of things our fitness franchise clients do to make boost their marketing and create opportunities for growth.

1. Rely on brand strength

You should be thinking of creative ways to market on a local level, but don’t stray too far from the brand. Use collateral and materials that have been approved through corporate and match the brand style guidelines. After all, you paid for the brand, don’t destroy its power.

2. Use flyers and printed materials

You may think print is dead, but we’ve seen that flyers and other printed handouts have an extreme effect on a franchise’s success. Design a branded flyer that you can place at the front desk, hang in the gym, or hand out to each customer or client that comes through your gym. Fitness franchises have unique face-to-face and regular relationships with their customers and prospects, allowing you to leverage the power of print.

3. Offer Referral Rewards

Often corporate offices will set up referral rewards programs, but if they don’t, try setting up a program of your own on a smaller scale. Offer them a free t-shirt, or 15% of their yearly membership for the remainder of the year. Whatever it is, use some creative and consider what it is that would motivate your customers to bring their friends in to your fitness center or gym.

4. Offer a Free Fitness Course

A great way to get new members into your gym or fitness center is to offer periodic free courses. You may be surprised at how effective a monthly yoga class that members can bring their friends to will be in exposing new people to your gym and your programs. So whether it’s beginner’s weight lifting, or cycling courses, consider dedicating an hour each week to prospecting and advertising your gym classes.

5. Social Media

Your corporate franchise brand may be leveraging social media, but your customers want to see the personal face behind the business. You should be engaging and responding online, as well as prospecting. Having an online presence is a crucial element in the world of marketing and technology, so sit down with your team and discuss the type of content you want to include in your social media strategy.

No matter what type of fitness franchise you’re opening or working with, think creatively about marketing for your specific location. Utilize the strength of the brand, but don’t rely on it entirely.

If you could use some help with franchise branding or printing marketing collateral, let us know. We can help.


5 Pinterest Marketing Tips for Franchises

Even amidst rapid growth of social media marketing, many businesses and franchises haven’t figured out how to harness the power of social media. The way we see it, social media is an essential part of doing business since it gives your organization a personality that consumers can connect with and helps you improve your online marketing. Though sites like Facebook and Twitter as great tools to help you connect with millions of online users, Pinterest offers its own unique marketing power.

The third-largest social network, Pinterest is a social bookmarking site that allows users to collect and share photos pertaining to their hobbies and interests. Whether your Pinterest page serves as a visual storefront or a hub for information and visuals pertaining to your franchise organization, we want to help you maximize your marketing with these 5 Pinterest marketing tips:

1. Images and links

Since Pinterest is an image based site, be sure that you are using high quality images when you pin. Also be sure that if you upload an image from your computer, you attach the proper link to the image. Ideally, you’re pin will be re-pinned and shared by other Pinterest users, and each time a person clicks on your image, they’ll be lead back to that initial link. You want to be sure that your links clearly communicate your brand and work as part of a larger strategy and call to action.

2. Build relationships with influential users

Competition is fierce online, and the audience you are trying to reach might already have their attention on someone else’s Pinterest page. You can use this to your advantage by connecting with influential users and exposing your brand to their followers. Reach out to influencers by liking their content and repining their pins on your page. Interaction is key to social media success.

3. Follow other businesses

This strategy is similar to building relationships with influential users, but it is much more targeted. Following businesses that are similar to yours gives you the opportunity to connect with people who are interested in your industry. This is useful for generating new fans and receiving inspiration from your competitors.

4. Pin regularly

As with most social media content, posting (or in this case pinning) regularly will help increase your visibility on follower’s feeds. In other words, the more you post, the more your pins and brand name will show up when your followers log in to Pinterest. However, always make sure that the content you pin is relevant to your brand.

5. Use “rich pins”

Take advantage of Pinterest’s rich pins tool. There are five types of rich pins: product, recipe, movie, article or place, all of which all users to add helpful information to their pinks like real-time product pricing, product availability, or where users can purchase an item. In order to utilize the rich pins tool, users must apply here.

Now is the time to start leveraging the power of Pinterest for your product and services. If you and your franchise could use social media marketing help, contact us. We’d love to help.


Collaboration is The Secret to Successful Franchise Marketing

Could you or your franchisees use a little marketing help? The logistics of running a business keep most franchise owners too busy to dedicate enough time to marketing, and lots of corporate franchise offices aren’t sure how to provide materials that work for multiple locations and marketplaces.

We believe there are steps you can take to create easily-accessible marketing packages for franchise owners, allowing them to run the business and focus on marketing, which means more sales and growth for the franchisee and the franchisor.

The best marketing strategies begin with collaboration. When franchisors leave marketing totally up to the franchisees, problems can arise. Whether you’re the franchisor or franchisee, push to have a meeting that includes both corporate representatives and franchise owners, and then spend some time discussing and developing compelling marketing ideas and tools that franchisees need to improve their marketing.

Once you’ve compiled these ideas, you’ll need a way to distribute marketing tools to your franchisees. With a few franchise locations, this may not be too difficult, but for larger franchise organizations, providing a way for franchisees to easily access materials is crucial.

There are lots of platforms and franchise marketing software systems out there that can help you distribute a piece of the marketing pie. Here at Divvy, we create a corporate approved website where corporate representatives can upload approved marketing materials. Franchisees can then log in to the website, customize and order any materials they need—whether it’s social media, signs and banners, printed items or uniforms.

When marketing a franchise or a multi-location business, it’s crucial that the franchisees use corporate-approved, branded materials. After all, the power of a franchise lies in the security of its brand, so communication between franchisor and franchisees should facilitate the creation of properly-branded and effective marketing materials and tactics.

If you’re looking to streamline your marketing, fill out our contact form below and you’ll receive a free demo of Divvy’s platform.