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Trade Show Booth Etiquette Tips

One of Divvy and Alexander’s most popular products is the disposable trade show booth solution. Whether you’re a franchisor, franchisee or a small business vendor, you’re probably attending a few trade shows each year, which can get pretty expensive. If you’re going to spend the money on flights and registration fees, we figure you might as well make the most of your time at that convention or show—-this includes highlighting an affordable yet impressive booth. To make sure your booth is extraordinary and effective, click here.

But aside from wowing your crowd with creativity and clear messaging, you also need to present yourself well at a trade show. Your booth may attract people to your space, but you’re in charge of verbally communicating your message and closing in on leads. We’d like to share some tips in conjunction with this great infographic about trade show booth etiquette.

1. Appearance

Of course you plan on showering and ditching the flip flops when you’re on the convention floor, but planning your appearance ahead of time is crucial. You don’t want to be the guy who forgot to pack his razor, leaving you unshaven and less approachable, do you? Take a few minutes as you pack to plan your outfit and double check that you have all the hygiene and grooming items you need to present your best self to potential clients.

2. Make sure you and your staff know your brand

Hold a planning meeting the morning you and your co-workers are presenting. Make sure you and every other person on your team has a steady grasp on branding and the product or service you’re trying to sell. Make sure everyone’s message is consistent.

3. Engage people

Maintain eye contact, be confident, and exhibit enthusiasm. You want to be sure that your body language is helping your accomplish your goals. Even small things like folding your arms in front of you can prevent people from approaching you in your booth.

4. Avoid Distractions

You may have a lull in booth visitors but don’t slack off and start talking on your cell phone or with co-workers. Give off an inviting vibe at all times so that people won’t walk right past your trade show booth.

If you could use some help preparing for your next trade show, we’d love to help. We can design, print and ship your booth and any other collateral you may need.

3 Reasons your Franchise Needs More than Digital Marketing

Technology has drastically improved the way we run our businesses, allowing us to utilize digital marketing techniques, social media and other quick and innovative tools to help drive sales. But despite its success, digital marketing can’t replace important, time-tested processes of marketing. Too often people think paperless approaches will simplify and streamline their work, but we’ve found that paper and traditional marketing techniques still provide unmatched value. Here’s why:

1. Traditional marketing forces your team to dig deep

If you’re doing digital marketing the right way, you’re collecting and analyzing data, you’re planning in advance, and you’re executing according to a well devised plan. But, all too often we see companies and clients applying digital marketing techniques without any of the work required to ensure success. You can’t expect to begin posting on social media and automatically see sales rise. It doesn’t work that way for most. You can’t expect to outsource SEO and see your search rankings improve drastically. Encourage your team to work on paper, to brainstorm approaches and tactics that aren’t easily implemented. This doesn’t mean abandoning all digital approaches, but rather, take the traditional route to improve and expand your marketing process.

2. Paper is still the best tool for some jobs

Think about this–paper can’t break, run out of batteries, experience security breaches or have to be updated or upgraded. Whether we’re talking about marketing strategy reports or direct mail campaigns, don’t write paper off before you’ve weighed the value it can provide to your marketing.

3. Your target audience may not be invested in digital media

We recently worked with a client who wanted to launch a large-scale social media and digital marketing campaign. As we discussed the project in-depth, data showed us that their target market consists of women in and older age demographic, many of which aren’t active social media or Internet users. Immediately we knew that a digital marketing campaign wouldn’t render the results this client was looking for. This client needed a combination of digital and print marketing tactics to reach their goals. Be sure to gather data about your target market’s digital media usage and everyday behaviors. You may find that printed marketing pieces like mailers or magazine ads are still the most impactful way to reach your desired audience.

Divvy specializes in print and digital marketing support. For more information about our print automation services, or social media content management, please contact us. We’d love to help you create the right approach for your business.