Kid to Kid – A Divvy Success Story

Alexander’s Divvy Systems brand management software has been serving the franchise industry for over a decade. One of Divvy’s oldest clients, Kid to Kid, has more than 50 retail stores across America. The Kid to Kid national franchise buys and sells products that kids outgrow. Their focus is a common sense solution for parents who realize that while their kids grow quickly, paychecks don’t. Kid to Kid needed an easy to implement solution that provided their franchises with customized marketing collateral, as well as operational forms online. Divvy offered them that solution.

Kid to Kid was looking for control over their branding while also allowing for customization of their resources. Divvy built a fully customized online management console, which gave them the tools to help their marketing efforts succeed. This online web portal allowed Kid to Kid franchisors to offer customized marketing collateral and forms to their franchisees. Now, all the franchisee has to do is login to the Divvy’s Kid to Kid website, and order materials. From our Alexander’s location, product templates are customized, proofed, ordered, and shipped straight to the franchisee. Kid to Kid franchises now have access to outlets with personalized, on-demand products and volume pricing. Divvy streamlined the ordering process and helped Kid to Kid build their brand and their franchises.

“The Divvy System provided exactly what we needed: our franchisees easily customize materials online from any computer and they get it right and get it quickly,” said Scott Sloan, Kid to Kid franchising representative. Divvy currently fulfills orders for Kid to Kid business cards, frequency cards, price pads, check list pads, hold pads, and tags.

Divvy Systems proudly serves Kid to Kid, as well as various other franchises, to help build their franchises, strengthen their brand, and leverage strengths.  At Divvy we take care of the details so franchises can take care of what matters most.