IFA Conference around the corner

Franchises from across the nation will join Condoleezza Rice as they head to Las Vegas to take part in the IFA Annual Convention.

Condoleezza Rice is scheduled to be the keynote speaker for the convention. The event will be the 53rd Annual Convention and will take place in the MGM Grand Hotel February 17-20.

Those in attendance at the convention will include franchisors still trying to franchise out their first location, to franchisors with thousands of franchisees like McDonald’s.

You might wonder exactly why franchisors choose to attend the IFA Convention. To many people, this conference is the most important conference in the industry. At this conference, many of these franchisors will be exposed to new ideas for their franchise. This conference is an opportunity for businesses to learn how they can help these franchises take their game to the next level.

Divvy by Alexander’s will be in attendance at the convention to show how Divvy can help with brand management for franchises of all sizes. Many franchisors have a hard time trying to standardizing their brand as franchisees spread across states. Divvy has a unique system that allows franchises to customize a web portal for their own company. Franchisors can work with Divvy to make marketing collateral available on the site for franchisees. This way each franchise across the nation will have a way to standardize their collateral.