Dentrix dental reminder postcardsAs one of the world’s leading practice management software providers, Dentrix has helped dentists increase their profitability for more than two decades.

Dentrix offers software-driven reminder mechanisms, including text messages and emails, in an effort to help dentists reduce the number of costly missed appointments.

While text messages and emails work for many patients, thousands of people still prefer print reminders. For these patients, Dentrix turns to Divvy by Alexander’s.

Creative Solution

Through Divvy by Alexander’s state-of-the-art Web-to-print solutions, patients of dentists using Dentrix practice management software receive personalized, full-color dental appointment reminders that are automatically printed and mailed using Alexander’s sophisticated data-driven technology – an automatic mailing made possible by Divvy by Alexander’s integration with the master Dentrix database.

What does that mean for dental practices? Faster turnaround, better tracking and fewer reminder calls.


  • Personalized, automated printing and fulfillment for up to 12,000 postcards daily
  • Intuitive software that predicts the optimal patient response medium
  • Real-time automation and tracking through seamless software integration
  • Reduction in staff costs by an estimated $1 million per month across all Dentrix users