Collaboration is The Secret to Successful Franchise Marketing

Could you or your franchisees use a little marketing help? The logistics of running a business keep most franchise owners too busy to dedicate enough time to marketing, and lots of corporate franchise offices aren’t sure how to provide materials that work for multiple locations and marketplaces.

We believe there are steps you can take to create easily-accessible marketing packages for franchise owners, allowing them to run the business and focus on marketing, which means more sales and growth for the franchisee and the franchisor.

The best marketing strategies begin with collaboration. When franchisors leave marketing totally up to the franchisees, problems can arise. Whether you’re the franchisor or franchisee, push to have a meeting that includes both corporate representatives and franchise owners, and then spend some time discussing and developing compelling marketing ideas and tools that franchisees need to improve their marketing.

Once you’ve compiled these ideas, you’ll need a way to distribute marketing tools to your franchisees. With a few franchise locations, this may not be too difficult, but for larger franchise organizations, providing a way for franchisees to easily access materials is crucial.

There are lots of platforms and franchise marketing software systems out there that can help you distribute a piece of the marketing pie. Here at Divvy, we create a corporate approved website where corporate representatives can upload approved marketing materials. Franchisees can then log in to the website, customize and order any materials they need—whether it’s social media, signs and banners, printed items or uniforms.

When marketing a franchise or a multi-location business, it’s crucial that the franchisees use corporate-approved, branded materials. After all, the power of a franchise lies in the security of its brand, so communication between franchisor and franchisees should facilitate the creation of properly-branded and effective marketing materials and tactics.

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