Why brand consistency matters

Divvy-Systems-brand-managementOne of Divvy by Alexander’s primary purposes is to help brands maintain consistency. We all know that your brand is what’s perceived by your constituents, and not so much what you’d like them to perceive.

To help manage what’s perceived, you want to help consumers assign specific qualities to everything that has your name on it.

It doesn’t matter how large or small your business is. It’s developing and maintaining a consistent brand that’s one of the primary factors in determining your future success.

Below, we’ve offered a few reasons why brand consistency is so important.

Gives your business an identifiable personality

When you think of Old Spice and its brand, what do you think? We think of a brand that’s funny and trustworthy. All the materials Old Spice releases exude that vivacious, edgy personality. Consistent branding allows a company to build and nourish a personality. It’s this very persona that makes people relate to a brand and creates a bond with customers.

Drives customer loyalty

When your brand is strong and recognizable, and you deliver great products and services, customers feel loyalty toward your brand. Brandy loyalty is especially significant in the franchise industry because when you buy a franchise, you buy a brand for a geographic area. If customers are already loyal to that brand, much of your messaging and positioning work is already taken care of, and all you have to do is deliver great products and services.

Allows you to differentiate yourself

When your branding is consistent you solidify the way consumers and customers view your company or franchise. As your brand becomes more defined you’ll stand out among competitors and others in your industry.

Encourages trust in your business

When you care about your brand, customers will too. In our opinion, building trust through branding happens through consistent messaging in every communication — on printed collateral material, mobile platforms and online.

We don’t believe that everything your brand or business sends out should look exactly the same. But make sure you, your employees, franchisees and partners are all distributing materials that maintain visual cohesion and follow brand standards.

At Divvy by Alexander’s, we specialize in brand management by building branded online storefronts for customers. We also offer online marketing services like website development and social media publishing and management. If you’re interested in a free Divvy demo, please let us know.

You want your customers to feel good about your product and service. Protecting, stabilizing and maintaining your brand will help prospects and customers trust you and create loyalty.