About Divvy

An Invitation to Take the Divvy Demo

The Divvy web demo will introduce you to the online webstore platform and show you how easy it is for franchisees to order and customize marketing collateral, proof and approve, provide shipping instructions and pay for their order.

[box type=”alert” size=”large”]If you’ll take 30 minutes to participate in a free online demo, we’ll gladly send lunch to your office—pizza or sandwiches for up to 20 people.[/box]
Franchisors have complete administrative control including analytics to see which products are most popular. Some franchisors choose to receive a commission on orders placed, turning Divvy into a revenue source as well as a fulfillment and brand protection tool.

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Customer Service Included

The best part? We take care of customer service so you can focus on growing your business. No more dealing with endless time-sensitive requests for marketing collateral. Simply work with Divvy to publish approved collateral in an online webstore, send your franchisees to the branded URL, and we take care of the rest—print, fulfillment and service.

A Great Franchise Development Tool

Divvy is a tremendous asset for any franchise. It provides an easy-to-use platform that helps you attract and retain more franchisees.

Whatever your marketing collateral needs, Divvy serves up the best platform, backed by the professional print and marketing teams at Alexander’s.

Divvy does fulfillment

Divvy does fulfillmentFulfillment is all the legwork that goes into selling a product: storing the products, processing the orders, and packaging and shipping everything out to the customer. Here at Divvy, we handle all your internal materials needs. When your business locations need uniforms, signage, promotional materials or even business cards, we take care of it for you. If you printed or produced materials on your own but you need storage space, shipping materials, extra employees and a whole lot more time, we can help out. We save you time and money with our streamlined process, so you can focus on your bottom line.

We will work to create solutions specifically for you and your business locations. All you have to do is:

? Select the products you want to offer your locations (uniforms, signage, promotional materials, etc)
? Add them to your Divvy webstore
? Allow your locations to order them as needed
? Sit back and relax while we ship materials to your site users

So what are the benefits?

Faster shipping

When users order through the Divvy webstore, we can get materials out the door within hours. We have the tools, materials and muscle to package and deliver your items quickly and efficiently.

Better packaging

Because of our access to industry-leading materials and tools, the packaging we provide will look good, survive the journey and often weigh less than home-packed items.

Less overhead

With our 45,000- square foot facility, team of fulfillment employees and large client base, we’ve got everything already in place to provide the services you need. Taking it on by yourself adds extra costs that you shouldn’t have to worry about.

Saves you time

Since Divvy handles all the storage and shipping of your items, you’ll never have to take time out of your day to worry about shipping logistics.

Take a look at our facilities to see how we’re able to do this:

We are confident that we can help you grow your business by streamlining your ordering and delivery process. Contact us today to set up your Divvy webstore and start the fulfillment process.

How does the Divvy web store work? [video]

When you team up with Divvy, we’ll create an online web store for you that allows your business locations to order their marketing collateral and other printed materials from anywhere, at any time.

It’s a simple 5-step process:

  1. We consult with you to understand your needs.
  2. We create a custom web store for you using Divvy software.
  3. You add items you want your locations to be able to order.
  4. Your locations log in, order and pay for the collateral, customizing certain fields to fit their location.
  5. The items are printed and shipped to them directly, without you lifting a finger.

It’s that easy.

Divvy’s goal is to save you time and hassle so you can focus on growing your business. We at Divvy succeed when you succeed, so we’ll work with you to get you exactly what you need. Join hundreds of successful companies  already using Divvy.

Divvy’s in the details.

For a free software demo, please contact us.

What is Divvy? Learn more in an illustrated video

Your brand defines you. At Divvy, we’re all about brand management.

Did you know that 70 percent of consumers say brand reputation influences their buying decisions, and 89 percent say brand reputation is a tie breaker between equal products?

It’s easy to see why brand consistency matters.

You need to protect your brand on all platforms and channels, like brochures, banners, point-of-purchase displays, uniforms, social media sites, at special events and on your website. Inconsistency will affect your customers’ loyalty and trust in your products or services.

Divvy handles all of this and more. Watch this short video to understand how Divvy can manage all aspects of your brand for you so you can focus on growing your business.

For more information or to schedule a free demo, please contact us.

Also, find us at the IFA conference in New Orleans next week at booth #418. Our Divvy reps will be giving away notebooks and other products as well as gift cards for signing up for a free online demo of the Divvy webstore.

An intro to Divvy by Alexander’s [video]

In preparation for the 2013 International Franchise Association conference — we’re at Booth 255 Feb. 18-19 — we prepared this video introduction to Divvy by Alexander’s.

Divvy has served the franchise industry for more than a decade, providing an online merchandise store for brands where franchisees can customize and order all kinds of collateral, from business cards to standing banners and t-shirts.

What Does Divvy Do for You?

Ever wonder how franchisors sustain their brand image and their business across numerous franchises? Maintaining brand consistency is one of the franchise industry’s biggest hurdles.  Restaurants need standardized logos, vinyl banners, fliers, signage, menu designs, and more. Other franchised businesses strive for uniformity through business cards and other marketing collateral. Divvy Systems, Alexander’s brand management software was designed specifically for the franchise industry, and specifically to help businesses maintain their brand.

Divvy software allows franchisors to meet their own specific needs whether that involves products, pricing or minimums. Divvy will build your business a personalized online portal where you can standardize all your marketing collateral, whether its signs, business cards, floor graphics or vinyl banners. Individual franchisees can then order, 24/7 and have materials delivered right to their door. Each order is fulfilled through Alexander’s print shop where we have top of the line printing capabilities.

Divvy also offers inbound marketing and social media engagement services. We live in a world where online content matters.  This takes time and effort to manage. With Divvy, you’ll be able to build your franchise by streamlining management of online brand content in a consistent matter. Divvy will also help your franchise fill those public relations needs, perform search engine optimization, and build the franchise’s social media platforms.

With Divvy’s automated brand management software, you’ll build your franchise, protect your brand, and leverage your strengths. Leaving the details to Divvy frees up both the franchisor and the franchisee to do what they do best.